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The Complete Solo Piano Works of Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson


It is with the greatest pleasure that Homo ludens Publishing is pleased to present "The Complete Solo Piano Works of Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson" as its first publication. These present the ten solo piano works that Þorkell wrote as part of his oeuvre of over 350 compositions.


The pieces in this book are:

-Sjö lög úr Apaspil (Seven Songs from Apaspil)

-Der wohltemperierte Pianist (The Well Tempered Pianist)

-Tónleikaferðir (Concert Tours)


-Hans Variationer (Hans Variations)

-Lagstúfur fyrir Vigdísi (Arietta for Vigdís)



-Sindur (Scintillation)



Þorkell´s solo piano works provide a variety of styles that encompass many of the compositional techniques of the 20th century. The level of difficulty of these pieces range from pieces for children to advanced virtuoso works.

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