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Bringing you the boundless joy and creativity of composers at play, Homo ludens showcases innovative works born from playful exploration. We celebrate the diversity of musical expression, from timeless classics to contemporary compositions, inviting you to journey through masterpieces crafted from the pure delight of music.

The Complete Solo Piano Works of Thorkell Sigurbjornsson

Dive into the intricate and emotive compositions of Thorkell Sigurbjornsson.

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Piano Sonata by Joanne Baker

Experience the profound and evocative sonata by Joanne Baker, a modern masterpiece.

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About Us

 Homo ludens Publishing is dedicated to celebrating the playful spirit inherent in musical creation. Our company captures the essence of “Homo ludens” or “The Play of Man.” We specialize in publishing works by composers who infuse their music with humor, creativity, and deep cultural knowledge. Whether through whimsical titles, literary references, or profound non-programmatic compositions, our catalog offers a diverse and enriching collection for musicians and music lovers alike. Join us in exploring the joy and artistry of music with Homo ludens Publishing.

What Our Readers Say

The Complete Solo Piano Works of Thorkell Sigurbjornsson is a must-have for any pianist.

Kristín Jónína Taylor’s work is truly inspiring and a joy to perform.

Homo ludens Publishing has elevated my understanding of Nordic piano music.

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We believe that music is a playground where creativity knows no bounds. Our company is dedicated to capturing composers at play, fostering an environment where artistic freedom thrives. Whether it’s the delicate intricacies of a symphony, the bold strokes of experimental sounds, or the heartfelt melodies of emerging artists, we are committed to showcasing the full spectrum of musical brilliance. Dive into a world where every note is a discovery, and every composition is a masterpiece in the making.

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